We made a Taskmaster App! It's a jam packed Taskmaster extravaganza! There’s a Show Companion so you can watch and score along at home. There’s also a Taskmaster Academy with quizzes, Group Tasking, Solo Tasking, and a Jukebox with all the music from the show. We think it all works but it’s early days and there's lots more content still to come. Check it out and do give us some feedback. Info is below. So what are you waiting for? Get involved and make good choices.




We'd love to know what you think...

We're always happy to receive constructive feedback that could help to make the app better. And as this is an early release version we're especially keen to find out what you love, what perhaps you don't so much and whether you encounter any oddities or niggles while playing with it. Please use the button below to get in touch and send us your thoughts.