Submit to the judgement of The Taskmaster in glorious virtual reality! Your favourite TV show comes to VR and you are the contestant. Step into the world of Taskmaster, endeavour to complete a menagerie of challenging and extraordinary tasks and get creative in how you solve them.

In Taskmaster VR you can expect fun, chaos, puzzles and comedy – oh and you may end up smashing a lot of things too! Open the task, complete the task, submit yourself to the judgement of The Taskmaster and be crowned the winner. Sounds simple? Think again! Taskmaster VR brings all the manic mayhem of the TV comedy sensation to virtual reality and features fully voice-acted performances from The Taskmaster himself Greg Davies and his assistant Alex Horne.

There is no one single way to complete the varied tasks – you have to pick up, prod, throw, balance and do whatever it takes to fulfil The Taskmaster and his assistant’s instructions. Explore the famous Taskmaster House, including the lab, the garden, the caravan, the shed and more to find all the random everyday objects and curiosities for you to use to do what you’ve been tasked to do.

Coming in 2024, wishlist on Meta and Steam now and become the next Taskmaster champion.

Your time starts now.

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