If you fancy staging your own Taskmaster event, at school, on a hen night, with cub scouts or at a family birthday, then please do! The Taskmaster book is a useful resource but a quick look around Twitter and YouTube will also show you how all sorts of people have had a go.

I’ll keep adding ideas for children here, and to kick off, here are some guidelines for the classes suggested by James, a deputy head and class teacher in West Sussex, who has set up his own Taskmaster school club.

  1. Be ready, respectful and safe at all times
  2. The Taskmaster’s decision is final
  3. Do not put yourself or others in danger
  4. If you move something, put it back
  5. If you make a mess, clean it up
  6. Do not argue with The Taskmaster, your team mates, or members of other teams
  7. Have fun

Below is a message from me that you’re more than welcome to play to the kids before they start. Please do get in touch if you’d like more tips or to share how you’ve got on, you can drop me a line at taskmaster@avalonuk.com

VIDEO PASSWORD: schooltaskmaster