26 May 2021

Bring Me The Head Of The Taskmaster

We are very excited to announce the release of a new Taskmaster book, Bring Me The Head Of The Taskmaster. This will be released later this year. Watch this space and follow the Taskmaster social channels for more exciting updates!


Pre-order your copy now, signed by Little Alex Horne himself, through the official Taskmaster Shop.


Fastest wins. Your adventure starts now ...

This is a race.

It is not a race against the clock, because that would be a far easier race. Clocks can be fast, but clocks never win races. It's nearly always humans, sometimes horses, and occasionally dogs.
This is a race against your fellow Taskmaster players.

You are competing against everyone else who is reading this book. All you've got to do is find The Taskmaster's Head first. This is a race with many twists and turns, that requires very little running, much sideways thinking and quite a lot of patience.

Thankfully, there will be a shedload of tasks along the way to distract you. There are tasks to do on your own, tasks to do with your family and friends, and tasks for bigger groups too. Some of these distractions may slow you down, but some may help you get where you need to go. As always, enjoy them, do your best, make good choices.

So get going. Take on the tasks. All the information you need is in the book...

Alex Horne,
Taskmaster's Assistant