04 August 2022

New Board and Card Games for 2022

Two brand-new Taskmaster games are available to exclusively pre-order today, only from the Taskmaster Store at

They’ll be in stock in September, but you can beat the queues and pre-order now!

The games have also been shipped direct to the US, so North American customers can order the game at much reduced prices.

So what are you waiting for, get ordering…!



Taskmaster Secret Series:
A brand-new Taskmaster game with all-new tasks. The Secret Series Game invites you and your family and friends to take part in your own series of Taskmaster games at home. Carry the scores from each individual game forward into the next until you complete 10 'episodes' to crown an overall Series Winner! Who will be the ultimate champion?



Taskmaster Card Game:
Could you be The Taskmaster? Or could you do better than the hapless comedians you've watched on TV? Then play Taskmaster The Card Game. Featuring favourite tasks from the TV show, this travel-sized card game brings the essence of Taskmaster to your very own home. Judge and be judged. Your time starts now...