03 December 2020

Play Taskmaster At Home for Charity

Taskmaster At Home puts you in charge. You are the Taskmaster, Little Alex Horne is your assistant and there are ten fiendish tasks to set remotely to your friends and family. All the proceeds will go to homeless charities across the UK via Homeless Link.

To buy your exclusive digital download video, and donate to Homeless Link, please visit:

Homeless Link is the national membership charity for frontline homelessness services. We work to improve services through research, guidance and learning, and campaign for policy change that will ensure everyone has a home and the support they need to keep it. During the Covid-19 pandemic, homelessness services have stepped up to ensure the people they work with have been kept safe and supported during this unprecedented time. At Homeless Link we have made supporting our members through this a priority; adapting our ways of working and delivering grants, projects and events in new ways. For more information, please visit: