The system of endless plates

Series 14 / Episode 7

Sarah Millican flails about with a frying pan, Munya Chawawa pulls off a brilliant billiards shot, and all five comics spend far too long searching for a bath, given the size of the bath...

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Prize: The thing you would most like to have with you on a car journey.

Choose a room and a weapon, then wait further instructions. / Pop 99 red balloons. You must use your weapon to pop your 99 red balloons. Shout "Stop it!" when you think you've popped precisely 99 red balloons.

Team: Get this feather into the bath. You must not touch the feather and the feather must not touch the ground. After the feather has left its cushion, it must not touch a single thing for more than five seconds in total. The cushion must not leave the lab. If you make any mistake at all, Alex will blow his whistle and you must start all over again. Finally, you must not say any words at any point from now on.

Make an exercise ball touch Bernard. Bernard can't move. You may launch an exercise ball from behind the line and may not touch any balls after each launch.

Live: Blow an item the furthest on the Knappett. If your item falls from the Knappett, you are disqualified. The person who blows something the least far each round is eliminated unless someone is disqualified. You must all select your blowers and items for each round before any blowing commences and you must not use the same blower or item twice.

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