Taskmaster goes cracker for Christmas!

Taskmaster Christmas Crackers

Each cracker is packed with a trio of tasks: a secret task, a Christmas dinner table task and an after-dinner team task. Take your turn as the illustrious Taskmaster, revel in the power and hand out points with grace and a touch of delighted ruthlessness.

Battle for glory and the praise of the almighty Taskmaster. Once the festive frenzy concludes, gather together for the FINAL TASK OF CHRISTMAS for your last chance to steal victory from the frosty grasp of your fellow contestants.

Celebrate in style and raise the Taskmaster Trophy above your head as the deserved winner of your very own Taskmaster Christmas Special.

Handmade in the UK, recyclable and 100% plastic free.

Included in the box is 6 crackers, a final task, a pop out Taskmaster trophy and a set of instructions. Each cracker contains a hat, snap, joke, a paper duck and 3 tasks.

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