Think About The Spirit

Series 9 / Episode 10

Five comedians had one dream: to become the Series 9 Taskmaster Champion. Now it's the Grand Final and after nine gruelling episodes that precious dream is still alive for all of them - bar David Baddiel.

One of the other four - Ed Gamble, Jo Brand, Katy Wix or Rose Matafeo - will be going home with Greg Davies's massive golden face tucked safely into an unassuming hold-all. Alex Horne has the stats handy as they ponder peas, teas and absent keys.

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Prize: Best thing that is very long and thin.

Do the most preposterous thing with this chickpea.

Team: Make the best cup of tea in this teacup. You must use all the equipment that's locked to the table. You may not use anything from the kitchen. You must wear the rubber gloves throughout.

Complete the seven tasks. When you touch a task in any way you must complete it before opening another task. If you fail a task, you must start again. Put your hand on your hip and keep it there for the rest of the task. Hide the jigsaw pieces around the garden. Complete the jigsaw. Put the wheelbarrow inside the caravan. Place 20 things bigger than a tennis ball inside the wheelbarrow. They must stay in the wheelbarrow for the rest of the task. Bowl the ball from behind the rope so that it knocks over at least one of the skittles. Build a tower of bricks to a height of at least 26 inches on the red circle. It must stay standing for the rest of the task.

Live: Pull the short breadstick. Taking it in turns, take a breadstick from the person next to you. Before you pull, the breadstick bearer must wink, point to a breadstick and say "this is the short breadstick". If someone pulls your shortest breadstick, you are out.

Tiebreak: Make one of the popup toys pause for the longest using one of the spreads.

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