March 2019

#taskmasterbook update

Ok, here’s what happened this month; still surprising, silly and often stupid. But also ingenious, inventive and infectious (in a good way). Thanks, well done and keep making good choices.

But before the details, just to say that it was lovely to meet all the #taskendar winners at a Taskmaster recording this week. Very lovely people and it’s very nice to be part of such an odd fun community.

Right, let’s go:

I have received many weird and wonderful things through the post. They have all made my life more interesting. If you sent something, thank you. I hope it was fun for you too.

I have to start with Sasha, aka @bayoflaurels. Inspired by the great Mark Watson and his 150 texts, she has sent me 150 postcards. But not just 150 postcards, 150 postcards from Australia. But not just 150 postcards from Australia, 150 beautiful, hand-made, ridiculously rich postcards from Australia. 

They were brought in bunches by my confused postman. They didn’t arrive in the order she intended but she numbered the backs so I’ve spent quite a bit of (happy) time making sure they were in order before I opened them (I was glad you stopped using sellotape after a while). A handful didn’t make it. A few were damaged in the post. Which aren’t great statistics for the postal service but THEY HAVE COME HALF WAY ROUND THE WORLD. What’s more, she sent ten spare so I genuinely can say I’ve been sent 150 postcards from a stranger in Australia.

And what did they say? Well, that’s for me to know - they’re all mine! I MIGHT display them someday somehow. But just to say they feature gold paint, typography, trees, poetry, numbers, birds, stars, Australian history, a story about Ollie, Liverpool FC, some amazing memories, more poetry, and many many excellent task attempts. (The skull does not have a name, by the way. Can we call it Sasha?!) (And I don’t know where the sceptres are. I shall look) (yes! That was the series 7 portrait behind Asim! They are kept in the contestants’ secret dressing room!) (thank you too for the other postcards, the other art, the other poetry – I’ve enjoyed every word and picture) (and for your unusual items. Someday my grandchildren will open a draw of these things and have NO IDEA what went on in my life) (please keep painting and writing and creating).

Phew. Every postcard was in an envelope. I can see why email has caught on. But there really isn’t much better than opening a letter (apart from opening 150 of them).

Now then, Becca (@beccaj2110 – more about your attempts later), thanks SO much for the various Task offerings. Most unusual masterpieces (et cetera) but genuinely good too! Really. They too will be proudly and loudly displayed.

On twitter now (please keep using the #taskmasterbook hashtag, by the way, thank you, bye):


This is an excellent twitter handle and the video made me smile a lot. TEN points to @wedoeverytask


A fine new task this one; 5 points -


Terrifying from Gordon; 4 points –


Kevin’s was even worse though; 5 points -


Leah, 4 points, mainly just for giving it a go – but 5 to @CharlieHedley16


Ben! Excellent to see you’re still going! 5 points for the lovely dots:


@cityofrach – yes, this is how to do the prizes… 5 points


@purplefiona – can’t argue with that… 5 points


@TheRealNafe dominated again. Please do look at his website for inspiration:


These were my favourites of his this month: (real commitment and a real dog)

20 points for these: (surely unbeatable and I really like the music)


But if you ever doubt his commitment, just look at this one (5 points, obviously).


He also sweated, wept, ate awful curry, balanced coins and so much more, giving him a total of 148 points this week – quite a few of which were for this:


Plus another 10 (TEN!) for your Task 198. You’ve earnt them. I very much appreciate the physical proof of your tasks too. And, mostly, my favourite new coffee table book: “How to good-bye depression; If you constrict anus 100 times everyday. Malarkey? Or Effective way?” by Hiroyuki Nishigaki. That is worth all the points (well, another ten).

And thanks yet again to @steviebay. 5 points for the wobbliest:

5 points for the beautiful:

5 points and HUGE CONGRATULATIONS for the stamina (and story):

And 5 for the follow up –

5 points, mainly for the snowballs:

10 points because I’m a big Colin fan:


@beccaj2110 was also prolific and proficient and hilarious as always. Tons of points for all these (giving her a total of for the month): (very cool) (very funny)


This is tremendous and weirdly moving. Thank you. Ten points:

And this was particularly exemplary:

And that’s it for another month.

We’ve wrapped on series 8 by the way. It’s a cracker. Loved all of them. It should be out at the end of May.


See you then.