May 2019

#taskmasterbook update

Hello everyone,

So, we’re close to halfway through Series 8 of Taskmaster on telly, and nearing the end of filming for series 9. Which means that I’m finally getting closer to getting a chance of getting near to close to up to date with general Taskmaster admin. Which means that if I owe you feedback, or prizes or suggestions, they may turn up in the next weeks and months! And here I am with this month’s #taskmasterbook update. I am, once again, amazed, amused and admiring of your ridiculous work.

Let’s get straight to the big one. Today I received something through the post. Something sent by @MooseBaxter(and Moose Baxter is his real name). Something sent in response to Task #198. Here’s the accompanying note: “Please find enclosed one of my legs; my gift to you in the pursuit of Taskmaster glory”.

With the note there was just that: a leg. A perfect prosthetic leg. One of Moose Baxter’s actual prosthetic legs. It’s magnificent. And, mainly, highly unusual. I love it, Moose. My children love it. We all love it. You are winning this Task by a distance. But I need to ask. Would you like your leg back? I’d quite understand if you do. And you can keep your 25 points either way.

On to other items of Taskmaster post:

To Sam Bushton, I do adore your geekiness and pink ink. And your task suggestion was excellent (5 points). We have tried something strikingly similar but it didn’t quite work (various reasons, including us not quite pulling it off), and I’m sure we’ll try it again. So you’re on the same wavelength as us. Hooray!

Some excellent new 5 letter words from the following, but still no more winners here (yet):

Nada Sheel, Michelle Lovie, Mia Smedley, Jonnie in Eastleighg and an excellent resident of Tralee in Ireland, who has slightly bent the rules with a few more than one attempt, but isn’t that what this is all about? (many of you will say, “no, it absolutely isn’t”, and I’m fine with that).

Thanks all. I am mainly enjoying getting a postcard every day! I’m a lucky man.

And then Becca (@beccaj2110), lovely to receive your cow (task 38). You’re the only person so far to get me involved with this one. Thank you. Five points.

Meanwhile, Task 22 – love the detail. It’s all in the detail. 5 points.

Task 172 – one of my favourites. 5 points.

Task 2 – respectable. 4 points.

Task 78 - I’m sorry. But well done! Clever… 5 points. And a pepsi.

Task 116 – APOLOGIES AGAIN. A good advert for the Imperial? Maybe… Hope the 5 points make it worth it.

Task 91 – how was Les Mis?! We’re going soon… never seen it. 5 points anyway.

Also, your photo for Task 201 was hauntingly horrible. You will be rewarded soon.

As will Chris and Deborah from the mighty Chesham!!! Excellent use of Funky Pigeon. 10 points and something on its way.

Katelyn Paddock, I think and hope I’ve already let you know, but your pictures were outstanding. Finally getting round to posting you something shortly I promise.

And onto twitter and the #taskmasterbook hashtag. This is only up to the end of May so there’s more brilliant stuff to come, but here goes:

Melissa Howe - @Melissa67385 – wow. Yes. Task 163 aced; 10 points. And that’s just how he looks at me.

John Dineen - @captainjpd – I enjoyed your brilliant fun too. 5 points!

Michael Phillips - @MikeSwoggle – Task 47. Lovely. 4 points.

Mark Bloor - @MarkBloor300 – love that this has happened. Thanks @lucyportercomic. Would love to know how exactly this happened. 10 points.

Michael Etherington - @AnotherWay82 – Task 190 – well played sir. 8 points.

@Lara_Jayne – 342metres! Impressive. Although his arm could have been a bit higher… 5 points!

@Doothcrow – your best mate gets 5 points. Hope everything went well! Lovely stuff:

Sasha - @bayoflaurels – when people do stuff like this, I get so excited. Thank you. 10 points. Not sure what exactly for but who cares.

@steviebay1 – always a pleasure… some great work here:

Task 16 – 5 points - - heehee!
Task 111 – 4 points but both lovely -
Task 26 – 5 points - - yes!
Task 159 – 10 points - - wow!!!!! THE DAME!!!

And Scott Dinsdale - @walnutwally13 – these made me smile so much. 
5 points for this! GREAT location.

6 points for this – over 3 leaves under 10 minutes!

7 points for 1 whole (little) Alex Horne!

10 points for this! Hope you had a brilliant time.

And have a look at @finisfunny – also TERRIFIC. 10 points.

Well done on Task 47 too – the big kid gets 5 points from me too:

Finally this month, TheRealNafe… Nathan, you’ve been busier than ever. You’re making waves. And I’m enjoying splashing about in those waves. If you have an hour or a month, check out everything here: Here’s a quick rundown of points.

Prize Task 1 – mixed messages. 2.5 points.
Prize Task 5 – it does look soft. Would you actually put it up to be won? If so… 4 points.
Prize Task 8 – unconventional, tick – stylish, tick – 5 points.
Prize Task 13 – lovely callback. Lovely joke. But need to see the gloves (fox or otherwise). 1 point.
Prize Task 17 – ANOTHER CALLBACK! I’d have to give this one 5 points. Lovely cause/clothing.
Prize Task 19 – Typical Nathan. Typical 5 points.
Task 11 – the yellow; no party but 5 points.
Task 12 – Not THAT macho, but can’t fault these callbacks either. 5 points..
Task 15 – was wondering when you’d do this one… and how. And that’s how. 3 points!!! I prefer the original, sorry.
Task 16 – really enjoyed this. Lovely. 5 points.
Task 17 – ah, I see a problem with this task now. Thank you. 5 begrudging points.
Task 22 – most accomplished? I suppose so. Have 4 points. What? I know. 
Task 25 – tour de force. 10 points.
Task 28 – nice to get a current contestant involved. Hi Lou. And another fine solution. 5.96 points.
Task 33 – Great technique and dignity… 5 points.
Task 37 – quick. And great anagrams. 6 points.
Task 41 – nice photos. Were you quick? 3 points.
Task 43 – see task 33… Pretty big. 5 more points.
Task 57 – oh yes, that is sinister. Oh dear oh dear. 4 points.
Task 61 – look out for series 9 – short and sweet and sour. 5 points.
Task 74 – obviously I like that you’re not doing things like this in the pub. That’s exactly how you should be treating the book. Also, that’s exactly how you should be treating the other book. 5 points.
Task 76 – democracy in action. 5 points.
Task 84 – great snacks, great pic, great gobbling. 10 points.
Task 87 – well, you made that look easy. 5 points.
Task 121 – ha ha! 51! And a terrific anecdote. Hope they didn’t catch you. 10 points.
Task 132 – yes, nailed. Others pointed it out but not in relation to this task. 5 points.
Task 153 – delightful and impressive and amazing. 12 points.
Task 166 – looks record breaking to me. 5 points.
Task 171 – yup, that’ll do it. Sneaky and resourceful. It IS a record. 10 points.
Task 179 – lovely colour/outfit/charity, but who filmed this? 5 points.

That’s your lot for now.
Keep making good choices.
See you next month.