April 2019

#taskmasterbook update

Hello everyone,

Eighth thing first; the brand new series starts a week today! May 8th, 9pm, Dave. Please watch! Record the second leg of Tottenham vs Ajax and watch it later in the week – that’s how everyone watches telly these days…

So, with the new series comes a new website. Hopefully. And on that there should be a section of book stuff where we can share what you’ve been up to. That should make things much easier to find.

Also, yesterday I spent the day doing 20 tasks with 30 year 5 children at my local primary school. It was ACE. And EXHAUSTING. I’ll try to write up what I did and what they did so if anyone wants to do anything similar that should help.

Finally on that front, I owe emails and more to quite a few teachers who have been in touch. I’m really trying to get on top of that in the coming weeks so thanks for your patience.

Meanwhile, a quickfire book update for you. Let’s start with this…

@doothcrow - Task 152. Like I said, you are my hero. 20 points! (imagine, all those points!). So glad things are looking up. See you soon.

Task 165; you’re right! Well done for finding it. Sorry for making you do that. Am I waiting for a photo?!

And you’ve pointed yourselves for this but anyone reading, please dip into this blog; fine work:

Also, 5 points for your shadow – no idea how this didn’t win:

5 points to you for this too. You had some epic competition:

Task 151 – what a lovely Colin. 5 points:

Task 64 – such passion! Genuinely exciting – 5 points:

Task 172 – incredible work. Best so far. 5 points. Hugh would be so proud:

@yenotsneb – lovely to hear from you and what a stylish entry for task 195. Does it still exist?! So cool. 10 points (by the way, that is an excellent song and your kids are excellent too).

Task 192 – exemplary happy headline. 5 points.

Task 156 – my kids loved this so so much. You SHOULD be proud! 10 points for hitting the bullseye.

@M1Poulter – yes. Spot on. And I enjoyed the slow-mo. 5 points.

@wedoeverytask – hope you’re still going. This is outstandingly rubbish. 5 points.

@alexbayross – Task 190 I presume – lovely. 5 points:

@thaifemme – brilliant to hear from you and your task 62 is the best I’ve seen; 5 points – many of which are for the thrones:

@bayoflaurels – anything back from this?

@lampiemagic – ten countries is IMPRESSIVE for task 192. 10 points:

Nathan, @therealnafe - let’s go over to you again – I owe you points! It might be that I have to go through things individually at some point but this month, tremendous work on the following!:

Task 32 – hilariously bad use of paper, one of your worst attempts and the one that’s made laugh the most! 3 points!

Task 159 – don’t mind the joke at all – 4 points:

Task 38 – so lucky! I’m giving you 3 points for this and I have no explanation:

Task 3 (pronounced tree) – no nonsense; nice; 5 points:

Task 112 – you weren’t really meant to be the driver for this – but good work! 5 points!

Task 100 – one of the greatest responses. And a lovely ongoing journey. 10 points:

Task 49 – yes. Impressed. Unbelievably impressed. 5 points.

Task 30 – I like this task and I like your attempt but 100% sounds a bit much for me so 4 points:

Task 90 – I didn’t really see this as a solo task but yours is the best example I’ve had so far so five points! Also, lovely saaaaaab and turmeric-twerp-admission:

Task 10 – Hmm. Must have been a tough one. 60 odd hours. Pretty good. Well done for giving it a go. You’ve done better than I’ve done for a good while. 3 points (could do better! I believe in you)

Task 55 – yes. But I would have loved to have watched and listened to an hour of that. Still. 4 points.

Task 14 – enjoyed the tear pun in the title, less keen on the picture: 3 points:

Task 120 – made me giggle. 3 points for 3 pates:

Task 2 – I hope people might watch this and not know what the task is. You look insane. Strong score. 120 words = 5 points.

Task 27 –  I love that you started with a ball (you twerp!), and actually nice to see your paper-art back too – 4 points!

Task 81 – Ha! Yes, tough. But only 3 points because of your loose definition of joint.

Task 5 – VERY IMPRSSIVE. An excellent performance. Point added for chainmail. Point taken away for getting hat-hairband the wrong way round. Penguin suit applauded. Weird not to say trousers? 5 points.

Task 48 – yes, there was some spillage. Excellent use of Weetabix though and a speedy time. Hope that helped breakfast. P.s. love the t shirt. 4 points:

Task 111 – I’m standing on one leg – hoped someone would do something like this but you’ve exceeded expectation as usual; 5 points.

Task 102 – lovely to see this in action. Clever. Done. 5 points.

Task 34 – some of your finest work. I would watch a full series of this. 5 points. 

Task 195 – yes. I agree. Can’t really knock this. 5 points:


Task 29 – who doesn’t like millipedes? (a genuine question). 3 points for this (I have to be strict – it wasn’t THAT ambitious!).

@steviebay1 - Keeping up nicely. Beautiful work on these:

Task 93 – I obviously love this and obviously want to try it (but obviously haven’t got round to it yet). Is it easy enough?! 5 points.

@171 – this is exactly what I dreamt people might do (well not exactly), but which I thought no one would actually bother doing. Outstanding. 900 things! And ‘things’! 10 points.

Task 57 – Ideal. Although I found the before shot fairly sinister too… 4 points.

Task 16 – this made me laugh a lot. Brilliant. All books should be passed on. 5 points.

Task 196 – this is very cool and I want it. 5 points:

Task 28 – I did this one with the schoolkids and you safely surpassed them. Love the late Hulk. 5 points. Hello to your daughter.

Task 163 – sorry to have seen you there but this is IMMENSE. I’m giving you ten points for this:

Task 191 – 5 points and a lovely thing:

And of course @beccaj2110 – real dedication this month – Task 47 - I hope you’re ok?!

Task 18 – hope you never make that mistake again – 5 points for the ambition:

Task 64 – not your favourite mug! Still, an entertaining 5 minutes is all I’d ever hoped the book would provide so this really made me happy. Great team work. Great orange work. 5 points each (and do watch this anyone else – lovely stuff):

Task 162 – Love the dinosaur poop book, love the dog, love the portfolio… TEN POINTS. Although also worried about the sword.

Task 4 – this is one I’d do anyway. Just fun. Dog still excellent. 4 points.

Task 159 – you must make such a mess for this. You are silly. 5 points.

Task 19 – just lovely. 5 points.

Task 50 – I think we should always use a microwave as a timer. But I don’t think you should eat any more watermelon. 5 points for an amazing 326 grams:

Task 70 – so lovely. Sort of hope this is what happens to me when I die. 5 points:

Task 54 – strong and high! Tremendous. Happy bank holiday. 5 points:

Task 82 – I’d like this to happen! And now I have ideas! 4 points (because, sadly, I think it’s unlikely – Dave don’t do a lot of seasonal programming…):

Task 98 – REMARKABLE. A huge improvement and a very lovely thing to watch. Also, an EXCELLENT pun. Full marks (5.) (actually 6, it’s that good).

Task 34 – five points for the excellent Don-knee Trump – excellent detail. And he does always seem so happy: