October 2018

#taskmasterbook update

Hello and welcome to the first Taskmaster Book update. If you’ve embarked upon your Task ship, I hope the sailing is good and you’re enjoying the voyage. If you’re yet to either buy, open or attempt-one-of-the-tasks-within the book, please see this as encouragement. It’s proving to be both fun for some and challenging for others. So far no one has expressed regret at the purchase, but there’s plenty of time for that.

So, here goes with the points:

5 points from Task 183 goes to several people whose details I know little about: Faith in Buckinghamshire, Gail in Leeds and @lotgiday (who coloured my beard in purple in Chorleywood but whose signature I can’t read and have guessed at here). Thank you for my faces and for saying the password correctly. From now on I’ll make sure I get all your details properly – if you are one of these, get in touch on twitter to claim your points.

For Task 190, I’d also like to award 5 points to @MrNotMoro for this little gem (presented beautifully, I should add): Have the best Christmas. You have 20 minutes. Best Christmas wins. Your time starts when you next think of Noddy Holder. We are of course now all thinking of Noddy Holder.

In no particular order, 5 points too for @ofluff for the blindfold cocktail making, @alihenj for making her budgie wear her clothes, and for @Brawny2004 who made his very own book (and baby). 

Many thanks for things sent to the PO Box. No points to be handed out yet but I’m building quite a collection of peculiar postcards and paraphernalia so more news in later months.

No points either to Bella, whose attempts to throw bread into a toaster were, frankly, woeful. Hello Bella.

But three points do go to @DDedicoat, whose attempt at the very first task was the least bad I’ve been sent so far.

And four points (I agree with your scoring) to @MissZeepoint’s fiancé (congratulations) for some truly excellent paper tearing for Task 14.

Finally, for now, many thanks for some terrific poems, mainly about Sue. I don’t have the details of my two favourite poets so far, but here is their work. Contrasting styles, I think you’ll agree:

There once was a lady called Sue

Who fell in love with a frantic gnu.

But she declared her love

To a passing dove

The gnu and Sue were through

(she was then banned from London Zoo).

There was once a lady called Sue

Who loved comedy.

Her sence of humour was very varied.

That’s it for this month. More news in 31 days. 

Have fun, make good choices,


The Taskmaster’s Assistant

p.s. Task 185. I WILL be there. But please note the – sign before the longitude.